Yahoo Finance: Five of the Most Memorable Items At CES 2017.

Yahoo Finance: Five of the Most Memorable Items At CES 2017.

CES 2017 isn’t just about the latest smart car, speaker or laptop. Time and again, beauty, health and fashion popped up, from a slew of smart toothbrushes all promising to improve the way you brush to sustainable, compostable rubber dresses (yes, seriously).

Here are five of the most memorable items available now or headed your way in the coming months.

YouCam Makeup

Makeovers without the mess? YouCam Makeup has you covered. The free app for iOS and Android lets you snap a selfie and apply any number of pre-set, natural-looking makeup filters on top of your photo. The best part: If you see something you like in a filter — foundation, eyeliner, lipstick — simply tap on the item, and you can buy it. It’s cosmetics shopping made easy.

L’oreal’s Hair Coach

One of the most talked-about items at this year’s convention was a smart hairbrush. Available for “under $200” later this year,L´oreal´s Kerastase Hair Coach comes loaded with sensors that the company claims will measure the quality of someone’s hair and the effects of different hair care routines. The brush can also tell how often someone brushes their hair and vibrates to warn if they are brushing too hard.


Teaching your kids how to brush their teeth, and getting them to do it every day can be a serious hassle. Luckily, Playbrush wants to make the job a little easier. The company’s $30 sensor attaches to any toothbrush and pairs up with any number of free games for iOS and Android that teach your child how to brush — and where to brush — in two minutes flat.

Under Armour tracking shoes

Under Armour (UA) announced three new connected sneaker designs for under $200 that one-up last year’s models by measuring a runner’s fatigue level and readiness in addition to tracking runs, distance split and cadence. To gauge that, the user does a set of squat jumps. Based on the time their feet stay on the ground and the hang time of the jump, sensors in the shoes offer insight into what kind of running the user should do based on muscle recovery needs.

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