Trend Ideas! December Marketing Plan

Trend Ideas! December Marketing Plan

Get Ahead of the Trends and Stay in Style with Our Help

Trend Ideas! December Marketing Plan

November is already here, and that means it's time to start thinking about Christmas!

As a nail artist, you always have to be on top of the latest trends. And what better way to do that than to run a Christmas seasonal trend promotion?

In December, Christmas is a big deal, and people love to get their nails done for the occasion. You can start promoting your Christmas nail art in November so that by December rolls around, you're already at the top of people's minds.

So make sure to get started early this year and give your customers the best festive nails they've ever seen!

💡 Trend Ideas:

✔️ Christmas Winter Snowflake, It's wintertime and white Christmas nail details are perfect.

✔️ There is only one Christmas nail design worthy of recreating, and that is Plaid Christmas nails.

✔️ The Red Christmas nail design is worth getting as it is highly recommended to everyone.

✔️ Neutral Reindeer and Roses is simple and cute.

✔️ Shine & Snowflakes art, a natural nail design with the effect of a Christmassy tip.

✔️ Shine & Stars sparkly nail designs and Christmas, another cute winter nail art.

✔️ Shimmer Cheer Nails combine Christmas colors, and textures, and have fun.

✔️ The Unbeatable Combination Of | Is The Perfect Christmas Nail Art.

👆🏽 Use these names in your marketing strategies, like offers, messaging, emails, etc.

✔️🕘 You could even offer discounts for customers who book their appointments early.
Whatever you decide, a seasonal trend promotion is a great way to attract new customers and keep your existing ones coming back for more.

Make sure your marketing is personal and highlights why your business is the best place to go for all their holiday needs!

🎨 So, get creative and start planning your December marketing plan today.

Nail Artist Existing Clients Marketing:

December Newsletter:

Write a newsletter by letting your clients know what you plan for this month.

📲 Monthly SMS & Email Campaigns:

✔️ Send out at least 2 SMS / WhatsApp campaigns in December. Send out one before December begins.

✔️ Send out another SMS / WhatsApp promotion before the middle of the month.


🎉 Holidays Ideas for December

There are some great marketing opportunities for December.

Here you have this calendar to get inspired based on your client's preferences.

💅🏼 You can run promotions, or make out themes with discounts with the calendar days celebrations!

December 1 – National Christmas Lights Day

✔️ Perfect To Offer A Promotion To Start The Month With Clients Ready For Their Holiday Nails Done.
✔️ Share How A Simple Mani/Pedi With Red And Green Polish Can Add A Touch Of Christmas Cheer.

December 4 – Santa’s List Day

✔️ Share Your Feature Or Tool Wishlist For The Year Ahead.
✔️ Show off your festive nails! Whether you go with traditional red and green or something more creative, be sure to snap a picture and post it online.
✔️ Share your favorite holiday nail art designs. There are so many great options out there, from simple snowflakes to elaborate reindeer scenes.
✔️ Offer tips on how to get the perfect winter nail look. Maybe you have a few secrets up your sleeve for creating that glossy Christmas sheen or keeping your mani chip-free for weeks on end!
✔️ Recommend products that will help keep nails healthy during the colder months. From cuticle oil to protective base coats, there are lots of great options available this time of year.

December 8 – Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

✔️ Share Nail Art Predictions for 2023
✔️ What could you tell yourself if you could go a year back?

December 9 – Christmas Card Day

✔️ As A Wish, Offer A Discount Or Special Deal On Manicures For Christmas Card Day Only. This Is Sure To Get People In The Spirit Of The Season!

December 13 – National Cocoa Day

✔️ Share a photo of your latest cocoa-themed nail art design.
✔️ Give away a free cocoa-infused hand treatment to the first five customers who mention National Cocoa Day.
✔️ Offer a discount on all cocoa-themed services today only.
✔️ Post a recipe for a chocolate and peppermint manicure that you can do at home.
✔️ Share photos of celebrities (or your clients) with fabulous cocoa-themed nails.

December 15 – Re-Gifting Day

✔️ Repurpose A Nail Art Design That Your Followers Loved.
✔️ Feature A Valuable Content Piece Or Quote By Another Creator.

December 29 – Still Need To Do Day

✔️ Share A Glimpse Of What You Hope To Accomplish By 2023
✔️ If Your To-Do List Seems Too Long, What Do You Do To Take A Break?

Whole December

✔️ Share Your Best Nail Art Designs.
✔️ Share Your Favorite Things Of The Year.
✔️ Share Your Lessons From Your Entrepreneurial Journey As Nail Artist.
✔️ Things To Let Go Of In 2023.

🎂 Marketing for Anniversaries and Birthdays:

You have customers on your database who have birthdays or anniversaries every month.

Make sure you have a ready-made special offer for these clients. (not a discount!) Send it to any clients celebrating a birthday or an anniversary in December.

🎄 Festive Decorations

For a celebration-inspired social media page, you need to decorate your page as well, just as you would your salon on Christmas and New Year's Eve. Add some Christmas sparkles or other Christmas-related posts on your page.

🎁 Wrap Nail Products Free of Charge

The service can be enhanced by wrapping gifts free of charge for your customers when they buy from you. It is a low-cost and easy service that increases your customer base.

December is a great time to give your customers something to look forward to and make your business stand out.