Trends Ideas! November Marketing Plan

Trends Ideas! November Marketing Plan

Run a Thanksgiving seasonal promotion for 2022, nail artists.

Trends Ideas! November Marketing Plan

💅🏽 As nail artists, you always have to be on top of the latest trends.

And, what better way to do that than to run a Thanksgiving seasonal trend promotion?
In November, Thanksgiving is a big deal, and people love to get their nails done for the occasion.

You can start promoting your Thanksgiving nail art in October so that by November rolls around, you're already at the top of people's minds.

💡 Trend Ideas:

✔️You could offer unique nail art designs inspired by Glam Gold Leaf Fall Nails Designs.

✔️Create Fall Color Palette designs that are perfect for the season.

✔️The Perfect Fall Coffin Nails and beautiful shades of crisp autumn leaves.

✔️Autumnal Glitz & Glam is eye-catching in this fall nail design!

✔️Maroon 5, Maroon fall nails are such an elegant color to rock this season.

✔️Earthy Tones Fall Nail Design is the perfect tone for autumn.

👆🏽 Use these names in your marketing strategies, like offers, messaging, emails, etc.

🗓 🕘 You could even offer discounts for customers who book their appointments early.

Whatever you decide, a seasonal trend promotion is a great way to attract new customers and keep your existing ones coming back for more.

Make sure your marketing is personal and highlights why your business is the best place to go for all their holiday needs!

🎨 So, get creative and start planning your November marketing plan today.

Nail Artist Existing Clients Marketing:

November Newsletter:

Write a newsletter by letting your clients know what you plan for this month.

📲 Monthly SMS & Email Campaigns:

✔️ Send out at least 2 SMS / WhatsApp campaigns in November. Send out one before November begin.

✔️ Send out another SMS / WhatsApp promotion before the middle of the month.

🎉 Holidays Ideas for November:

There are some great marketing opportunities for November.

👀 It is Stress Awareness month and National Gratitude Month, highlight this in every promotion you run.

Here you have this calendar to get inspired based on your client's preferences.

💅🏼 You can run promotions, or make out themes with discounts with the calendar days celebrations!

November 2 – Stress Awareness Day

✔️ Get Your “No-Burnout Nails Care Today”
✔️ Showcase How Your Offer Eliminates Your Client's Stressor
✔️ Self-Care For (Your target audience) Business Woman Likes You!

November 3 – Cliché Day

✔️ It's Cliché For A Reason, Call out an overrated Nail Care practice or “Advice”

November 6 – Daylight Saving Time

✔️ How Do You Help Clients Save Time?
✔️ “Don't Waste Your Time With X, Try Y Instead”
✔️ Share What Systems Make The Best Use Of Your Time.

November 14 – National Spicy Guacamole Day

✔️ Share Your Spicy OFFER, Example:
It's Glam Gold Leaf Fall Nails Designs week, is so hot you could not refuse. Book an Appointment Now!
✔️ Share A Spicy Take on a Nail Art Trend!

November 24 - Thanksgiving Day

✔️ Run a Thanksgiving Contest. (Give something to the winner)

This is the perfect chance to get your customers involved with salon marketing! Ask them if they would be willing to take part in some Thanksgiving-themed giveaways and share their favorite hair salons on social media by tagging us. You can also ask those who comment on our posts for more feedback, which will help improve visibility while increasing engagement at once – all according to the law (so don't break any laws!).

November 25 – Black Friday

✔️ Group Appointments For Loved Ones. Encourage friends and family members to book appointments together for a special discount price.

✔️ If You Sell Nail Care Products, make some offers for this day, too.

November 26 – Small Biz Saturday

✔️ Why Did You Start Your Business?
✔️ Why Is It Better To Buy Small?
✔️ Shout Out Your Favorite Small Businesses

November 28 – Cyber Monday

✔️ Provide Discounts For The Online Store. Why not participate in the crazy event of “Cyber ​​Monday” and offer discounts for Nail Care and treatments?

🎂 Marketing for Anniversaries and Birthdays:

You have customers on your database who have birthdays or anniversaries every month.

Make sure you have a ready-made special offer for these clients. (not a discount!) Send it to any clients celebrating a birthday or an anniversary in November.

Whatever your goals may be, November is a great time to make a little extra effort and give your customers something to celebrate.